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M.D. BRONZE ™ Self-Tanner & Instant Bronzer 8oz $49.95  
(Includes Shipping)

Physician's Formulation Self-Tanner & Instant Bronzer - Natural looking tan without causing cancer,aging and no orange tint! Formulated with olive color base that negates orange coloration to the skin.

M.D. BRONZE ™ which is Body Bronze Self -Tanner & Instant Bronzing Lotion is designed to instantly create the most natural looking tan for all skin types. Our unique built in bronzer enhancement works as a guide for people who want a deeper, darker tan that will last for days. No more missed spots or application errors. Body Bronze Self-Tanning & Instant Bronzing Lotion provides a streak free, non greasy and quick drying application. It will deepen and prolong a true sunless tan, while it nourishes, revitalizes, hydrates and enhances the elasticity of your skin. There is NO funky odor and we guarantee this is the best sunless tanning product on the market.



M.D. GLOW ™ 7oz $39.95 (Includes Shipping) Best Self-Tanning & Instant Bronzing Spray on the market ever!!

M.D. GLOW ™ is Body Bronze Products' #1 Self-Tanning Spray & Instant Bronzing Mist. This aerosol tanning spray allows you to evenly apply self-tanning solution over the entire body and may be used to enhance abs, cover cellulite and stretch marks. The scent is fresh and clean, the color looks fantastic on all skin types and the color lasts for 5-7 days. 




Extreme Special. M.D. BRONZE ™ & M.D GLOW ™ $67.95

FOR EXTREME RESULTS, BBP recommends alternating the M.D. BRONZE in conjunction with M.D.GLOW™.

Apply M.D. BRONZE ™ in the evening before bed, and M.D. GLOW™ the following morning after you shower. You will be amazed at the results!



M.D. FACE ™ 3 oz $29.95 (Includes Shipping)

The #1 Flawless Facial Tanning Spray recommended by some of the top plastic surgeons & dermatologist in the world!

This clear self-tanning aerosol spray is a great product for those who would like a safe, healthy looking tan for the face without the risk of having clogged pores from a bronzer. The spray is clear; however coloration will appear in 2-3 hours. M.D. FACE™ is the perfect sunless facial tanner for people who have acne, age spots or any other skin imperfections that the bronzers tend to emphasize.



MD BRONZE ™ SPECIAL 3 bottles for $120

This special includes three bottles of the best self tanning product on the market. Share with your friends or keep all to yourself because you’re worth it!





Get the best total body tan with the “Golden Glow Award” combination. Your body will be bronzed and your face will have a flawless glow.

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